Consulting Services

In INFINITE we work linked with all our clients, in this way we identify the best processes for the execution of each of the activities within your clinical research project or support for required regulatory issues. In this way, through effective communication, we support our clients to know the environment, the industry and the market, which will allow them to obtain a holistic view of the whole panorama for the registration of new clinical research protocols, compliance with all the requirements of the legal framework for the registration of new products, drugs and medical devices, as well as consulting in the new legal framework for pharmacovigilance or techno-surveillance regulations, for companies that sell or manufacture medicines or medical devices.

How can we help you?

Our quality standards, our wide portfolio of services and our unique flexibility in the market, allow us to offer you a professional and personalized service that we are sure will meet your expectations:

Our consulting services include:

Regulatory framework for medicines

Regulatory framework for medical devices

Regulatory framework for food supplements

Import of inputs for clinical research

Development of clinical research protocols

Pharmacovigilance and technovigilance

Conditioning medication for research