Research in everyday consumer products.

Within the different areas that medical research has been carried out are the branches of research that are focused on the development of safe and effective products to improve aesthetics, food and human nutrition. These investigations are focused on developing products that improve the quality of human life covering beauty needs and also the development of new foods for better nutrition and disease prevention. That is why INFINITO is summarized in the branches of research, the experience in the Latin American region in conducting the results of clinical research, for the strategic partner in the management of the research of new developments in food and cosmetics

Food and nutrition research

INFINITE seeks to be your strategic partner to support the management of all the processing of Mexican regulatory authorities for the development of its research and innovation protocol in food. INFINITE joins the initiative to find solutions to the needs of the nutrition problems that are present in society. INFINITE gives you its vast experience in the conduct of clinical protocols and the registration of medical products, to help develop all phases of research in food, this includes: scientific and technical knowledge; the identification of new ingredients and packaging materials; definition of the required useful life, as well as the definition of the conservation technology to be used

Research in cosmetic products

The search for beauty has been recorded in literature, music and art, since the beginning of the first civilizations of mankind. Today, society devotes a considerable amount of time and money to properly select the best cosmetic products at its disposal, the cosmetic industry is one of the largest in the world and research results are being used in the chemical and biological sciences for the development of increasingly sophisticated products, these products today we can see that they promise little less of eternal beauty.

Research in beauty products has opened a whole branch of research, anti-aging products, this branch of cosmetology is more interesting, because the discoveries in these investigations are not only limited to cosmetic applications, since they also present possibilities to applications in therapeutic treatments.

As a result of these growing applications, the line between aesthetics and medical research is becoming increasingly thin, which is why INFINITE puts at your disposal all our experience in conducting clinical research protocols to help you drive Successfully your research in new developments of cosmetology.