Complementary services

INFINITE additionally offers the services related to the biostatistics of your research protocol, as well as the economics drug service for the evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of any medication. These services can be added in a modular way within the service master contract if required.

Biostatistics Services

INFINITE is responsible for developing databases and statistical models that allow the evaluation of safety and efficacy results throughout clinical research according to the modeling of the variables proposed in the protocol.

Through our biostatistical processes we monitor the capture and cleaning of the data base obtained in the development of the research protocols, evaluating the hypotheses raised within them. Our biostatistics services include:

Design of the statistical model

Database design

Data Capture

Statistical analysis

Development of statistics

Medic report

Pharmacoeconomics Services

INFINITE offers the complementary modular pharmacoeconomics service, these studies will allow to know the efficiency of the different therapeutic alternatives available in the market to treat the different diseases through a cost-efficiency analysis.

We can see today that the resources allocated to health expenditure or pharmaceutical expenditure are limited, which is why both private and public institutions must rationalize their consumption and prioritize in the allocation of these resources to the options available in the market that present greater advantages for their operations.

Pharmacoeconomics allows us to know which of all the therapeutic alternatives available in the market is the best, as well as to know which option is best to invest according to the sensitive variables introduced within the pharmacoeconomics study. These results are thrown through different studies such as: cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis, cost minimization analysis and disease cost study, these can be performed through prospective designs , which are accompanied by clinical trials and observational studies, which are retrospective or predictive through pharmacoeconomic models and thus integrate them into the different phases of clinical research.

The information resulting from the pharmacoeconomics studies will be of utmost importance when negotiating prices and financing for the purchase of medicines within public or private organizations. In the same way, they will be important when it comes to ensuring that medications that have a better cost-effectiveness relationship are used daily in health care operations such as health sector management and hospital care. In the management of the health sector it is understood that it includes the benefits of public administration, private institutions, centers and services of health institutions at any level of assistance, as well as providers of pharmaceutical benefits, pharmaceutical distributors, evaluation agencies of medicines or medical technologies and the insurance and consulting entities of this sector.

Pharmacoeconomics studies support the regulatory authority for the registration of their products within the basic medication chart. INFINITE offers the following services to support you in conducting pharmacoeconomics studies:

Preparation of meta-analysis

Cost-effectiveness analysis

Cost-benefit analysis

Cost-utility analysis

Cost minimization analysis

Study of disease cost

Basic table registration services

Armed dossier to submit to basic table

Development of protocols to identify economic variables