Health records before COFEPRIS

INFINITE has great experience in the process of processing for health records before the Mexican authority COFEPRIS, we support you from the beginning of the classification and administration of the information necessary to register your medications, food supplements, herbal products and medical devices. We take you by the hand throughout the process from the initial submission of information to the final COFEPRIS opinion.

Health records for marketing

INFINITE has a highly specialized human capital to help our clients with obtaining their sanitary records necessary for the commercialization of their products within the Mexican territory.

INFINITE offers its services for registering medications and medical devices in Mexico, through specialized advice, armed with dossier zero defects, presentation and submission of information, as well as monitoring the registration process with regulatory authorities.

INFINITE has the experience and specialized personnel to be able to make health records of:

New Drugs

Medical devices

Medical equipment

Herbal medicines

Orphan drugs

Vitamin products

Food supplements

New formulas in food


In addition, INFINITE has the ability to develop the dossier to submit the registration of a product to a basic table, as well as the processes necessary to monitor and lobby for obtaining the registration in the sector.

For the commercialization and registration of new medical products or medical devices we offer the integral development of the following services:

Arming dossier for medication registration

Arming dossier to register medical devices

Armed dossier for registration of herbal medicines

Armed dossier for registration of vitamin products

Arming dossier for orphan drug registration

Submission of advertising

Review of legal texts

Obtaining technical appointments with the committee of new molecules

Review of requirements for reference laboratories

Review of information against Mexican regulations

Simple and certified translations

Follow-up to the entire process until COFEPRIS resolution